Thursday, December 3, 2009

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After more than 12 hours of raining, then the rain starts to drip off. It's back like a normal shower in a low pressure water pump. Praise be to Allah. Within an hour, the water level at my in law's house start to reduce inch by inch. As you can see the difference in the level as compared to previous picture in the previous post. But tomorrow holds nothing because it is still not happening yet. However, one thing for sure.....expect the unexpected.


  1. Alhamdulillah.... mudah2an...surut banyak tu.
    Nasroun masih di Kelantan ke? Have you visited Maklang Ainon? I miss her... last time we met was, here at my place when she dropped by with abang Zainal after E had completed her studies in the Kolej Matrikulasi Penang, some two years ago.

    Oh yes.. FYI, the PR Manager at Renaissance Hotel in KB is our aunt by marriage. Just ask for one Nik Adura Zuliana Datuk Nik Rashid. And yes, do mention my name! Her husband, Paksu Darling (tu nama kak Lili panggil lah!) or Ridzwan Dato' Salleh is our fathers's second cousin. They're humbly nice people.

    Take care and my salam to Ida.

  2. Kak Lili, tak sempat lagi nak pi visit mak lang. Time constraint sikit. Tambah pulak cuaca so unpredictable. Anyway, dah terlambat la kak Lili baru nak inform. Kalau tak boleh pi check-in kat sana. We all dah nak balik this Saturday. Anyway thanks for the info since I'm a lecturer in Hotel Management as well in UiTM Shah Alam. So, at least it does help in having a contact person over there.