Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hmm...Celcom Broadband..

I really hate to say this, but I have too. There is no doubt that the Celcom Broadband is good (even though sometimes you feel that you want to throw it away during no connection). Now, my broadband had been bared due to overdue bills. My fault anyway because too busy to handle a lot of things at one time. But what disappointed me the most is their promise. I've paid the bills by using online method & using CC as well. They said that the line will be connected within 30m to 24 hrs.....It's already 24hrs, I called them back because there is still no connection. The second time I called, the customer service officer was 'so called' promised me to activate the line and can use it in 30m..... Now,  an extra 30m has gone and still there is no sign of the broadband is "alive". I called them back, and it was so and so frustrated that they can't keep their promise to their customer. Once again, the reception said that it will be another  30m to 24hrs....What's next? Maybe another 24hrs. Come on Celcom...what is this? not delivering what had been promised???


  1. go to streamyx!!!always connected!! dont 'potong'! hehehe

  2. tau takpe. saya prefer streamyx sebab connection kuat sebab pakai line.saya suggest en wan patut tukar streamyx. tak pun pakai line internet kat rumah . celcom broadband kat office.

  3. Salam. Tell me about it. Celcom has become Helcom.. really testing on our patience. Errrghhh..