Sunday, December 13, 2009

Points to consider...

I received an email from a friend, which I think it is about us and for us to think. There are 9 points all together. So let us understand it and perhaps by implementing those ideas, InsyaAllah we will move ourselves to be a better person.

  1. The most satisfying 2 letter word..."WE"...use it

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hmm...Celcom Broadband..

I really hate to say this, but I have too. There is no doubt that the Celcom Broadband is good (even though sometimes you feel that you want to throw it away during no connection). Now, my broadband had been bared due to overdue bills. My fault anyway because too busy to handle a lot of things at one time. But what disappointed me the most is their promise. I've paid the bills by using online method & using CC as well. They said that the line will be connected within 30m to 24 hrs.....It's already 24hrs, I called them back because there is still no connection. The second time I called, the customer service officer was 'so called' promised me to activate the line and can use it in 30m..... Now,  an extra 30m has gone and still there is no sign of the broadband is "alive". I called them back, and it was so and so frustrated that they can't keep their promise to their customer. Once again, the reception said that it will be another  30m to 24hrs....What's next? Maybe another 24hrs. Come on Celcom...what is this? not delivering what had been promised???

Last evening in Kelantan...

The title does not show that I'll never visit Kelantan again. But it shows what I did before my family & I head back to SA tomorrow morning. We spent our night at my wife's village (Kg. Chekok, Chetok, Golden Sand)..don't ask me what does it mean. Anyway, back to the took me quite sometimes to find "durian kampung"...especially in real kampung environment. But when I was there, guess what......the durian kampung was right in front of eyes. The best part is, it was not a durian seasons yet. But at my wife's granny area, there it was, in which is considered  as the out-season durian. So, a conclusion..look at the picture attached. Those were almost the numbers in my stomach...

A night in Kota Bharu..

I managed to go to so called night market in Kota Bharu at 'Pade Bah' (padang bas). The view was almost the same when I was here in almost a decade a go. Except that the roads were changed in direction. A lot of "one-way" as compared to two ways during that time. The night was not that happening over there as before. Maybe the people is taking a precautious step for the flood. Attached were some pictures taken on my own way back.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Latest news...

After more than 12 hours of raining, then the rain starts to drip off. It's back like a normal shower in a low pressure water pump. Praise be to Allah. Within an hour, the water level at my in law's house start to reduce inch by inch. As you can see the difference in the level as compared to previous picture in the previous post. But tomorrow holds nothing because it is still not happening yet. However, one thing for sure.....expect the unexpected.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Banjir di Pengkalan Chepa..

Hujan seharian dari malam semalam hingga ke hari ini telah mengakibatkan beberapa kawasan rendah di Pengkalan Chepa telah dinaiki air. Walau bagaimanapun, pada waktu ini jam 2.57pm, hujan kembali reda dan diharapkan air kembali surut....(laporan berita yg bernama). Anyway, my appointment with the hotel industry had to postpone due to the unexpected flood. Kalau diperhatikan dalam gambar tu, air hanya kurang dari sejengkal untuk cecah ke bahagian bawah pintu kereta. Managed to help my wife's uncle because his house was already filled up with flood.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santai time....

Kota Bharu dalam sehari dua ni hujan. But, tak banjir lagi. As I was informed that everybody is waiting for the 3rd strike...and that would be the last one. So, pada hari yang terang benderang di KB that day, sempatlah pergi bersantai dengan bro in law kat Family Kopitiam in Pengkalan Chepa. Tempat ni memang tak jauh dari UMK kampus cawangan. Gambar terpampang tu adalah gelas yang digunakan untuk minuman ber-ais. Macam bekas peanut butter pun ada. Tak tahulah nak klasifikasikan gelas apa ni.... nasib baik tak bagi penutup.

Anyway, these are the trend nowadays. Except that, the true meaning of "KOPITIAM" is not there. These are all the modification of it. Apa-apa hal...dah minum dan dah bayar pun. Taste wise of Nescafe Ais "kow"...not bad la. Renung-renungkan...selamat bersantai...