Monday, November 30, 2009

Guess what...

I Am a RockStar....haha. You guys can read on the exclusive interview with me in this virtual magazine which only have the front page.
Once upon a time, I had a dream to be a rock star (tapi bukan mcm style Malaysia ni la yang asyik tangkap cintan jer). At that time I was in standard 6 when I was first listened to Guns 'n' Roses song called Sweet Child O' mine.
From there, the emotions of learning how to play a guitar was developed. I did not go to any music school for a guitar lesson. Thanks to my dad because he is a musician too. Then from time to time, I developed myself learning the new instrument, with some experience in learning the Organ (Technics Music School), so I have no problems in identifying the chord and the key (hanya ahlil musik je yg paham ni).

During my diploma time in ITM Dungun Terengganu, I've compete in a battle of the band with my big bro's band (along). At that time, it was all acoustical jam. So, the songs that had been presented to the audience were Kau Ilhamku - Man Bai (along as vocalist), Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton (me as vocalist) & Instrumental Spanish Song (me as lead guitarist). We won 2nd place and we were invited to perform on several ITM occasion in Dungun. That was me in semester 1.

In my semester 4, again there was a battle of the band. But this time we need to follow the theme, which was 60s n 70s song. So I formed a group and all of them were the Hot Cat studs consists of my classmates (Dyne-rhythm guitar  & Joe-bass guitar), my senior (Pesot-drummer) & my junior (Yie-Lead guitar). As for the introduction, we played Surfing America song then followed by Let's Twist Again & the closing song was Malam Pesta Muda-Mudi (even I don't know the real title for it). Guess what....We've won the first prize competing with 6 selected band from ITM Dungun. We had fun that night performing on stage. Well....those were the days..

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