Monday, June 14, 2010

Lama tak update....but bile dah update....

Salam to everybody,

Bila dah lama tak update, & now bila update...ada je benda nak comment. Well, now I'm staying in a hotel located very close to Kota Bharu town. The name of the hotel is .............(I can't tell the name of the hotel since I know the owner). Now, when I browse through the net, I found that this hotel is rated as 5 star although I think it's already 4 star now (need to check with MAH). During the check in process, nothing much can be said. In my overall point of view, the check in counter was rated as an average in service.. see this quote from them.... 

"The Best Hotel in Kelantan..
Welcome to our website! At the xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx, the newest 5-star hotel in the state of Kelantan, we invite you to sample our traditional Kelantanese hospitality."

I didn't feel that. Honestly, I had an experienced before with other Kelantanese hospitality outside of this hotel. Look at the picture above....should it be rated as the best hotel in Kelantan? Now there are more pics to come. You can be the judge of the following pictures.

Frankly speaking, if this is a 3 star hotel, then I won't bother about it because it can be expected to see all of these things. However, I've seen a lot of 3 star hotels better than this. Surprise...surprise... conclusion with a question...what happened to the 5 star rating hotel in Kelantan? I believed that Kelantan hotels have lots to offer, especially in having the hospitality in Kelantanese ways. But not all things were rated below expectation here for a 5 star. I did meet a few very good service personnel, which also surprisingly not from the "Front of the House" staffs. Well, if you happen to know the person in charge of that particular hotel, my comment here is not to condemn on the establishment. This is just my point of view since I know what are the classification involved in getting the 5 star status as set by the Tourism Malaysia. Hmm...  with that...I declare myself that...I'VE BEEN HERE!


  1. cik wan, I agreed with your point. there's so much defect that need hotel's attention. for 5 star hotel, well this is too much =(

  2. klu rate as orkid pun, tk layak....oh God,.. langsir koyak ker???? mmg tk patot 5 star.....

  3. bila d tanya dgn beberapa hotel lain, this hotel is not 5 star. should be 3 or 4. but in the website claim 5 star. Ini yg menambahkan bahaya pada hotel industry in our country...